Lyrics: Humblesmith – Change

Lyrics of Humblesmith – Change   DOWNLOAD AUDIO   N-tyze Igwe Layee iyeee Somebody else(yelele)mammi See the change av been waiting for(nhuu) moimoi seller of yesterday(yeahe) Do you believe in miracle (mummy) Who go chop must work oh (ha) Argentin e set go (y y) Selesin e sellu go(igwe) Tomorrow is another day (ije) Positively […]

WizBoyy – Chop I Chop


Wizboyy is looking to crown up the year 2016 successfully with a Europe tour and the hotly anticipated fourth Studio Album ‘Change Over’. The Fortrail Empire ensigned delivers a stellar highlife tinged dance number as he lays emphasis on a popular phrase ‘Chop I Chop’ which is the latest single off the album. Keep up […]

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