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According to , we provide 10 BEST CITIES TO TRAVEL IN EUROPE below ;

1. Budapest

Although Budapest has built a reputation over the past decade as a must-visit city in Europe, the capital of Hungary remains one of the cheapest capital cities to visit in Europe, making it a great destination for solo travellers on a budget. Budapest is also a city full of attractions, monuments and unique neighbourhoods to discover, giving solo travellers plenty of activities to keep busy and intrigued.
Best for: Lively nightlife, Expats, History, Low cost
Cost: $15-$90 for a 3 star hotel room // $2-$4 for a local budget lunch

2. Vienna

When I first travelled to Vienna solo five years ago I had no idea just how sprawling this city would be. Imperial and imposing, Vienna is full of history, art culture, cafe culture and museums galore. You certainly won’t run out of things to do here!
Best for: History & Art culture
Cost:  $43-$175 for a 3 star hotel // $5-$9 for a local budget lunch

3. Prague

Although rapidly increasing in terms of visitors and cost, Prague is still one of those quintessential cities you must visit on a solo trip through Europe. With plenty of travellers passing through the city you won’t find any shortage of new friends, making this a great city to escape day through night!
Best for: Lively nightlife, History
Cost: $20-$165 for a 3 star hotel // $4-$7 for a local budget lunch

4. Ljubljana

Not only is Ljubljana one of the most underrated capital cities in all of Europe but it is also a great city to visit solo as a base to explore Slovenia. As a country filled with natural beauty, Slovenia and its capital city are a great choice for the more active solo traveller.
Best for: Off the beaten path
Cost: $36-$151 for a 3 star hotel // $4-$8 for a local budget lunch

5. Amsterdam

As one of my first cities I visited solo on my year of adventures, Amsterdam will always hold a special place for me as one of the most beautiful, surreal cities to travel to solo and particularly so in winter (without the summer crowds!) Given this is such a hot spot destination for young travellers you are bound to meet plenty of fellow solo travellers, making this a great city to meet people and enjoy the historic sites around the city.
Best for: Lively nightlife, charm, friendly locals
Cost: $588-$218 for a 3 star hotel // $4-$8 for a local budget lunch

6. London

While certainly not a budget destination by any means, London remains one of the greatest cities to travel solo thanks to the endless amount of activities on offer. Once you’ve worked your way through Central London (Big Ben, Westminster, St Paul’s, etc.) be sure to check out other neighbourhoods with more grungy, old school appeal. Shoreditch is a great starting point!
Best for: Activities, sightseeing, nightlife
Cost: $54-$323 for a 3 star hotel // $7-$12 for a budget local lunch

7. Berlin

This list would certainly not be complete without mention of my old stomping grounds: Berlin. This city is brimming with fabulous nightlife, cheap eats, and plenty of expats from all corners of the globe.
Best for: Expats, Central location
Cost: $25-$155 for a 3 star hotel // $4-$10 for a local budget lunch

8. Paris

Almost any list containing the best cities in Europe no matter what the classification, would be incomplete without mention of Paris! Although an expensive city to visit in terms of accommodation, Paris is relatively affordable if you’re in the know. Be sure to check out the Latin Quarter for cheap eats, don’t be afraid of the language barrier and remember the best way to see this city is free (on foot!)
Best for: Culture, Sightseeing, Charm
Cost: $70-$372 for a 3 star hotel // $6-$10 for a local budget lunch

9. Barcelona

When you think of Spain you’ll be forgiven for thinking straight to Barcelona – one of Europe’s most trending cities for young travellers, especially if you’re riding solo! You will be thrilled by the generosity, kindness and hospitality of residents here and believe me when I say this is a difficult city not to enjoy!
Best for: Lively nightlife, Expats, Food
Cost: $38-$323 for a 3 star hotel // $5-$9 for a local budget lunch

10. Lisbon

Although much more discovered today than it was five or six years ago, Lisbon still retains a lot of hidden charm to be discovered. Visiting this solo is great due to the low cost, charm and colour of the city that has a way of bringing a smile to your face.
Best for: Charm, Low cost
Cost: $27-$151 for a 3 star hotel // $4-$8 for a local budget lunch


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