Lyrics: Ice Prince – StandOut ft Bre Z

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Big Up Big Up
It’s sticker sticker
Lil Bre-z in this bitch Nigga Big Up Big Up
Now take your money throw it pon’ me
Think you got me with diss hand
Nigga we gon see
Don’t nobody do it like I do it
You know am ’bout that action
You people will non’ manouvre
And I will just be spitting
And I ‘on mean what I’m really doing
You fronting in front of them real niggas
Fuck is you doing?
Nigga huh?
You fucking my head up
Ya all niggas living in a motherfuckin’ bray da’
You niggas on the ground now
Brooklyn ain’t fade up
The real niggas shoot to kill
Fuck is you playing for?
Huh? Listen!
What your turn when you come through
I need at least 50 thou’ when I walk through
100 bottles when I through
Ya’ all gon’ salute

Posted on May 3, 2017

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