Lyrics : Cassper Nyovest – Bentley Coupe

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I’m not ashamed of my failures
But at the same time
I’m not ashamed of my success
Mama I made it
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the greatest of them all
I just bought two cribs & I’m about to buy more
All the glory to God
We prayed that we never fall
Made it, became a boss, my nigga I call the shots

This is how it feel when you riding in a Bentley Coupe
I wrote this song in my Bentley Coupe

[Verse 1]
Ah yeah born and raised in Maftown but now you know that
The most common subject was all the things that we don’t have
And even though we promised each other we’d push and won’t slack
Sadly most men is still relying on their old men
I was always visiting niggas, I’d never host them
Cause I was too embarrassed we ain’t have enough toast and
And bills were the only things we’d receive from the post man

Pretty pictures gave me ugly looks when I had to post ’em
We saw any result as a win cause we started from the bottom
Poverty brought us together, cause we had it in common
We didn’t have to agree, we just had to survive
Or get arrested or die, man thank God I’m alive
Not just alive, but alive with a purpose
Put a cross in the Bentley cause the devil is tryna hurt us
Nothing comes easy, my nigga we did the circuit

The ice that I wear, makes the cold night worth it
The Rolex is flooded with VVS and the polency
Is going from a wanna-be to the nigga they wanna be
I went from a height man, to a flexible flight plan
The yard is a hectar, the crib is cool with the price man
Ok I’m lying the crib is mad too
But dog I had to, get the fuckin castle
Right after the black coupe, she came in a catsuit
That’s what the cash do, it minimizes the hassle

This is how it feel when you riding in a Bentley Coupe
I wrote this song in my Bentley Coupe

[Verse 2]
I don’t talk as much this days, damn I used to be a chatter box
And that makes you look like you pretending to be the man you’re not
Nowadays I just let my catalog or Mandela talk
Bring the Don Perignon, that’ll set it off
Different from each women like menopause
But if she loyal I’ma let her ball, Ben and Rose
I will give you everything except love
And furthermore?’

Just understand that I’ma be an ass when the pressure is on
And I get a little anxious when it takes long
Promise to never judge me when I ain’t strong
I see myself just as great as a K-Dot
So I can’t pretend to like the compilers that y’all paid off
Man I’m more likely to end us as the greatest
Than I am to fall in love with this fame shit
I used to be a saint kid
Told my fans that I would never say bitch
And now I’m getting money everyday bitch

I’ll admit that I changed a bit
But that’s what happens when they pretend that you ain’t legit
And your competition is just as privileged as Taylor Swift
Black and proud, don’t give a fuck if you hate the kid
A lot of things in this world I got two favorites
It’s either I’m talking about money or I’m making it
My parents where both poor I didn’t know what to make of it
Until I got mass appeal and being poor made me rich

This is how it feel when you riding in a Bentley Coupe
I wrote this song in my Bentley Coupe

Mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest of them all?
Well I just bought two cribs and I’m about to buy more
All the glory to God, we pray that we never fall
Made it, became a boss my nigga, I caught the shots here

Dear Lord forgive those who went against me, it’s just envy
I went from a Gusheshe to a Bentley
So excited about my new car that I can’t sleep
Soon as this morning I hit the tank til it’s empty
But dear Lord I pray that I stay humble
They hoping that I fall, I pray that I won’t fumble
I got kids to inspire, I’m the one that they look up to
I’m a hero, the Tarzan of this concrete jungle

Posted on May 10, 2017

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