Rivers State Not Part Of Biafra Or Igboland – Mothers Of Rivers State Blasts IPOB & Kanu

Rivers State Is Not Part Of Biafra Or Igboland – Mothers Of Rivers State Warns IPOB Against Inclusion In Biafra Map
We the Indigenous Mothers of Rivers State strongly stand by the statement of our respected Governor Nyesom Wike, that ” Rivers State people and its government believe in the unity of Nigeria”.
Indigenous mothers of Rivers State is a non government organisation {NGO}. Our focus is to unite our people especially our young and vibrant youth towards building a better and stronger Rivers State, in
terms of Industrialisation, Agriculture, Competent Leadership and state of the act Entrepreneurship.
Rivers state people are peace loving and accommodating. They welcome visitors and create opportunities for them to earn a livelihood, but that, should not be misunderstood for weakness and laziness.
Rivers State has been included in the map of Biafra by the so call leader of the indigenous people of Biafra {IPOB}. And this was done without proper consultation of the Rivers people , especially Indigenous mothers of Rivers State.
We the indigenous mothers of Rivers State brings to the attention of Nnamdi Kanu that Rivers State is not and will never be part of Biafra or Igboland. The days of East central Region is far gone, now state
has been created , of which each state has an indigenous governor that oversees to the affairs of his state.
The leader of IPOB should stop dreaming and scavenging for territory. This is an illusion. The group should face the reality.
The fact that few of your Naira finds its way into the pocket of some of our rivers youth and that entices them to join you in your agitating for Biafra should not be a conclusive factor that Rivers State is part of Biafra.
We the Indigenous Mothers Of Rivers State welcome Restructuring and stand for united Nigeria.
We will put in all our efforts , as mother , to make Rivers State and Nigeria a better place.

Posted on July 10, 2017

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