4 Interesting Things That Happened In The Last 24 Hours At The BB Naija 2018 House


Over the last 24 hours, there a lot happened in the BB Naija house, both the seen actions and under the scene actions.

These events have been getting people to talk, from the disqualification to the early morning sex, Ahneeka’s quiet time and more.

We are rounding up the the best 4 of the last 24 hours.

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 1. The Disqualification of K-Square

It is still painful for most people who had to say an untimely goodbye to the loudest pair in the house, K-Square. What was a simple provocation turned into a heated argument and these caught the attention of Big Brother who has specifically warned against such. Big Brother ended up giving the pair two strikes each which made a total of three. That led to the immediate disqualification of the housemates.


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2. The Eviction Of Pritto And Vandee

The eviction came after the disqualification of K-Square and Big Brother still stayed true to his words by evicting two pairs from the house. Sadly pairs Princess and Bitto and Vandora and Dee One were the first to leave the house. The housemates finally knew the weight of being up for elimination and you could say they were in a subdued state after the eviction show. The reality of the game hit them hard at the end of the day when six housemates had left the house.

VanDee are also out! The housemates are shocked! #BBNaija #Doublewahala #PayPorte

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3. Nina And Miracle’s Early Morning Session

Maybe they knew that they were the most voted for in the house but the BB camera caught Nina and Miracles early morning sex under the sheets. This got the internet talking because it is now official that Nina is cheating on her boyfriend outside the house few days after sending him sweet valentines day message.

4. Aheenka’s Single Pleasuring

Another person that was caught on camera very early this morning was Ahneeka who looked to be in the middle of fingering herself. No words can describe the moment.

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Posted on February 19, 2018

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