This Is How Big Brother Makes BB Naija Housemates Become ‘Responsible Adults’ And More In Day 23 Highlights

Day 23 at the BB Naija house was all about taking responsibility as the housemates were given baby dolls to take care of.

First of all Big Brother tells the housemates that there would be a one week ban of cigarettes, alcohol and swear words to teach the housemates what it truly means to take responsibility for your actions. This did not go down well with the housemates but they had to grudgingly accept to avoid repercussions.

Later in the day, Big Brother told the housemates to gather at the lounge and when they did, many were up for a big surprise as their envelopes contained the odd congratulatory message “You Have A Baby”. Anto, Ahneeka and Alex were asked to step forward and acknowledge the gift of a child, and a moment later, three Ninjas emerged out of the elevator with three tiny baby cots, inside of which were three baby dolls.

Big Brother said that the baby dolls needed to be bathed, soothed, sung lullabies to and cared for like human babies. The housemates looked like they had lost their bearings, and when the first baby cries filled the air, the entire room burst into a hearty laugh at the realisation of Big Brother’s prank.

Big Brother was not done yet teaching housemates a lesson on responsibility.  He brought baby dolls for Ahneeka, Alex and Anto and their partners to care for like real babies.  They begrudgingly got on with the Task for no one is willing to cross Big Brother anymore as the consequences are unbearable.

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 Just as the house was starting to get used to the three grafts, and their piercing screams – a sore reminder of parental realities – Big Brother pushed the joke further.  After the diary session, he gathered everyone in the lounge and again had them pick an envelope with the same message.  Except that this time, Ninjas came out of the elevator doors with more cots and more baby dolls.

It looks like the only ones who escaped from Biggie’s game were Leo and Ifu as they remained baby free.  Of all the Housemates, it is Anto who had the hardest time with her twins for the lack of support from her partner, Head of House Miracle, was glaring.

Meanwhile the relationship between Tobi and Cee C seems to be getting more strained. Soon as the babies settled and went back to their peaceful sleep, Cee C, Tobi and Angel weren’t about going to bed anytime soon. They enjoyed a friendly chat amongst fellow Housemates. As interesting as it was, one couldn’t help notice that there wasn’t any eye contact between Tobi and Cee C.

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 At the end of the day, Cee C did not have the private chat she wanted with Tobi. Even though she tried all she could to talk to him alone. Tobi in a conversation with Angel also made it known that he is not ready to be with a woman who is going to be a liability to him emotionally, intellectually financially or otherwise.

What would happen to Cebi now with this new development?

Watch the video.

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Posted on February 21, 2018

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