BB Naija 2018: Housemates Win Their 100% Wager With Their Colourful Presentation

This week the BB Naija housemates put all eggs in the basket when they made a 100% wager with Big Brother this week and they couldn’t be more happier to win the wager.

The theme for this week was on art, culture and expressing of the heritage. The housemates were made to present in various medium including art, drama, songs and dance.

The housemates put their all in today’s Thursday presentation because of what was at stake and Big Brother decided to let them have their win.

For pairs Tobi and Alex made a presentation in art, while Bambam and Rico Swavey showed the riches of Nigerian food. Teddy A and Nina opted out to sing a song, and Anto and Miracle’s evolution of dance is Nigeria made people reminisce.  Cee C and Lolu chose to do a drama presentation,  while Leo and Ifu Ennada showed how Nigerian concept of beauty has changed and also showed the difference in the styles. Angel and Ahneeka were the last to perform and showed how fashion has evolved over the years.

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It was certainly a colourful and beautiful sight and presentations and Big Brother commended all the housemates for their improved presentations. This made him give them their desired win.

What do you think, was Big Brother too lenient with them?

Watch some of the presentations here.

What do you think of the Proverbs from team Tena. #BBNaija #PayPorte #JustForYou

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Posted on March 1, 2018

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