5 Million Naira Win, The Honourable Goodbye And More Highlights Of Day 35 At The BB Naija House

The BB Naija house was filled with joy even though the housemates were not sure of what will happen at the end of the day, and sadly day 35 was the last day for pair Ahneeka and Angel as they were evicted at the Sunday Night Show.

These are the interesting highlights of Day 34 at the BB Naija house.

Cee C’s Love Letter To Tobi

Just before the eviction show started Cee C decided that if words couldn’t get across to Tobi, then maybe written words could. She laid herself bare and wrote a letter to Tobi which was sweet of her. As Tobi read her letter Cee C sat quitely to wait for his reaction.

Cee C and Tobi had earlier that day had a small disagreement so maybe that was her way of reaching out to him first.

watch the cute moment.



Leo And Ifu Ennada ‘Roc Da Mat’ Win

On the heels of the mild commotion caused by Ahneeka’s and Angel’s Eviction, Biggie announced the winners of the Roc Da Mat challenge as Ifu and Leo. Biggie had already tried these two, as they had been Nominated and were still recovering from the shock of having been narrowly spared the exit fate.

Hence it came as a surprise to see Ifu uttering praises with clasped hands upon hearing that their pair were not Evicted. It was only a short respite for Ifu and Leo who were sent on another rollercoaster of emotions upon hearing they had won the Pepsi Roc Da Mat prize that included ₦5 million as well as the VIP trip to London.

If anything Leo and Ifu had earned this prize, and deserved all the credit for their efforts. Ifu couldn’t contain herself and literally jumped around joyfully shouting and laughing before throwing herself into her partner Leo’s arms to celebrate. It was as if she was finally vindicated, and that her stay in the House was worth it. Leo on his side though less inclined to demonstrate emotions looked genuinely carried away.

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 Ahneeka And Angel Evicted

It is the end of the road for BB naija housemates Angel and Ahneeka as they pack their things and say goodbye to the housemates after being evicted tonight.

The pair  the was evicted tonight at the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show while this means Lifu (Leo and Ifu Ennada) and Ceelo (Cee C and Lolu) are safe for another week.

Ahneeka burst into the BBNaija House as this sparkling bubble that lit every corner of the room she was in. From the start, her attractive physique caught guys’ attention as much as it raised the girls’ suspicion.

It took her a lot for Housemates to relate to her for Ahneeka’s intimidating confidence was obvious for all to see. Although she made it clear very early on that she was in the House to win and was not looking for a fling, she had to fight tooth and nail to spurn Rico Swavey’s  and Angel’s advances while keeping Bitto’s, Teddy A’s and Tobi’s wandering eyes at bay. But as she left the house she did so with her head held high and a grace that can only come from one with a class of her own.

A budding filmmaker, Angel never quite really managed to be liked in the House. His muscleman, know-it-all and telling-it-like-it-is personality brushed a few Housemates the wrong way, which got him side-lined very early on. Slowly and after a few sputters, Angel had started to find his space in the House and let his guards off.

At least the pair had a chance to get a luxurious spa treatment yesterday thanks to Ahneeka winning the Friday Night Games.

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Posted on March 5, 2018

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