Going Green, Bambam ‘Rules’ And More Interesting Highlights Of Day 37 At The BB Naija 2018 House

Day 37 at the BB Naija 2018 house had the housemates getting used to Bambam as the new Head of House and also getting to work on their task of taking care of their environment and testing their creativity.

These are the highlights of Day 37 in the BB Naija 2018 House.

BamBam And Teddy A Waxing Stronger

If Big Brother was a matchmaker, he would deserve credit for creating Bamteddy, the monicker that pinned Teddy A with Bambam.  With her petite frame, she was soft-spoken and held herself with an irresistible feminine candour. It didn’t come as a surprise that the buff and tattooed Teddy A was drawn to her as a magnet, which Big brother helped consolidate when he first paired them.

These two have come a long way in their relationship when early on, Bambam and Teddy A had made no secret that intended to play the game fully and be lovers during their stay in the House.  Teddy A came clear from the get go that he had a serious relationship outside the House, which explained why shortly after their pairing Teddy A appeared withdrawn from her, like he had a change of heart.

Somehow Bamteddy were caught up in their own game, as measured by the increased frequency of their locked lips. Teddy A and Bambam had become an item in the House, following each other all the time, eating, showering together and sleeping in the same bed. Like any couple, they did have a few fights, and threw each other cold looks over food, but their attraction is so much stronger that there is no tension that a kiss did not dissolve.

For the first time during Diary sessions, tough guy Teddy A admitted to reciprocate the feelings for Bambam, who used her Head of House privilege to save him from Evictions.

Bambam Rules

While self-confessed church girl Bambam appeared to have more than one trick up her sleeve with Teddy A, her standing with other Housemates tells a different story. She gets along with the girls, in that she only had a spat with Vandora. Yet she seemed particularly risk-adverse as she has made no particular efforts to go out of her way to create special bonds with Anto, Nina, Alex, Ifu or Cee-C.

In that regards, her strategy appears to be akin to Nina’s as both rely heavily on their male partner to validate their presence in the House. Like Nina, Bambam seemed to have enjoyed the wallpaper flower status conferred to her by virtue of her alliance with an alpha male. It is only when Biggie gave her the Secret Task to steal Anto’s baby doll that it brought life back into her. The next daring act Bambam has posed was to hide Ifu’s Roc Da Mat cap on Biggie’s instructions again, a costly action that Ifu has not digested yet.

It is true that Bambam’s voice is purely hypnotising, and she could use it more often to express herself beyond her musings with Rico. Under the Bamco nickname, Bambam and Rico have been seen laughing and holding open-heart conversations that she and Teddy A don’t have. With his easy-going and non-judgemental personality, it is easy to see why Rico has become her only relationship outside the Bamteddy couple.  She doesn’t engage further with other guys beyond the strict necessary.

Perhaps it was a matter of time for her to show her true colours, and it is hoped that Bambam will let her true self shine into the House now that she has secured the Head of House throne.

Day After The Nominations

As expected, the Housemates were extremely tensed out, following the unexpected Eviction of Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka), a pair they’d put up simply because they suspected an overthrowing strategy. The Housemates were forced to reshuffled their decks and polish the guns.

The Nominations were the highlight of the day as they oozed revenge and had a stench of vindictiveness.  Mito lead the pack with four Nominations followed by Tolex with three while Lifu and Tena tied at two each. Bambam and Rico Swavey had to deliberate and Bambam literally pretended to be thinking about who she’d save between Tena and Tolex, This because they were saved last week. She eventually made the expected pick and saved Tena, replacing them with poor Ceelo who thought they’d dodged the bullet.

During the Diary session, The Housemates motivated their choices with reasons varying from pairs being over ambitious to simply wanting them to feel the pressure of being up for Eviction. Teddy A was stern about wanting Tobi out because of his heightened ambition and explained that if the roles were reversed, he would have done the same thing that Bambam did as their friendship is built on loyalty and integrity.

There was a general consensus surrounding the Nominations as the possible Evictees said they understood that the game is tension and sharpened swords were bound to be brought out.

Going Green For The Week

With this week placed under the auspices of environmental awareness, Big Brother put Housemates up for a significant challenge of caring for their own immediate environment – the House. Big Brother twisted it up a notch by imposing water rationing on the House. Water he added was to be provided only three times each day. Housemates exchanged side glances upon realizing they would have to enter the shower at the same time to make the most of the available water.

Taking a seat in the Chair, Head of House Bambam read the instructions to a focused audience that looked flabbergasted as the list went on. Biggie expected Housemates to perform a thorough spring cleaning of the House, starting from scrubbing the floors to disposing of garbage, making beds and folding clothes.

In the storeroom, Lolu had retrieved a bucket full of lemons, baking soda, vinegar, empty bottles and containers that he placed in the centre of the lounge area as Housemates learned that they would have to create their own eco-friendly cleaning product out of the lot. No sooner said than done, a Ninja emerged from the elevator with an empty bucket and browsed through every single cupboards to remove all existing cleaning products. The Ninja disappeared briefly only to return with another empty bucket to repeat the task.

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After a quick round of questions, Housemates came together without a hurdle and agreed to divide the chores. Armed with spray bottles filled with DIY mixtures, Housemates carried the Task out without an ounce of enthusiasm.  The only ones who took the Task at heart were Rico Swavey and Bambam who had castigated Housemates for their untidiness and lack of consideration. Most surprisingly, Bambam seemed to enjoy roaming from one room to another to supervise progress as Head of House.

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Posted on March 7, 2018

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