In The Jungle, Big Brother Nina And More Highlights Of Day 46 At The BB Naija 2018 House

Day 46 at the BB Naija 2018 house had the housemates continue with their silly week. Their Thursday presentation had them performing a musical where some talents were discovered and others had to be hidden.

These are the Interesting highlights of Day 46 at the BB Naija 2018 House.

Bouncing Wrestlers

Still on the ‘Silly Week’ tip, following the zoology and face ‘pieing’, Biggie brought it up a notch by transporting the Housemates to a Japanese sumo club where they clearly had loads of fun.

After a long morning of lazing around and probably contemplating the evening’s Wager judgment, Biggie had a ninja come in and deliver the brief that promised a whole different mood; silly game time. The Housemates were provided with an inflatable sumo ring and costumes to match. This time around there was no riddle formed catches, they simply had to make their own rules and wrestle away.

Romance has to be the number one theme in the House because even with their pairing, they decided to couple it up. Teddy A and Bambam were their ones tasked with inaugurating the ring as they were the first to jump onto it, armored and ready. It was clear that Teddy A gave Bambam the upper hand and allowed her to win. Anto and Lolu followed swiftly, with Anto bringing a fight and Lolu simply caressing her, we might be wrong though.

Cee-C and Tobi took to the stage and as if getting her revenge for all the times that Tobi acted out and misunderstood her, Cee-C pulled some moves and had Tobi pinned, KO style. Cee-C’s victory was followed by Nina’s. We can’t tell whether he let her win or she was just that strong but nonetheless, she beat her bae. With all the wailing and babying, we just didn’t see Alex having so much strength. Panting and sweating, her tall frame hovered over Rico Swavey and beat him hands down.

The tournament continued as the Housemates that managed to slay their baes soldiered on but Alex had all the rights cards that lead to her win. Thanks to Teddy A’s unconventional commentating, Tobi and Miracle’s gymnastic interval entertainment, the Housemates had a ton of fun and so did we.

In The Jungle

With so much at stake, including the Nokia Challenge, Housemates pushed themselves above and beyond their own limits to secure the Wager.  As focused as for a school final exam, Housemates dedicated a good chunk of the afternoon to scripting, choreographing and rehearsing their musical presentation. The dining table had been turned into a war room with notes scattered all over and chairs all occupied.

All Housemates had come to the table in their costume, Alex being a bee, Cee-C dressed as a fox, Nina wore a leopard suit, Bambam was in zebra catsuit, as Anto had become a bright yellow rooster. That Lolu passed on a sheep ‘suit and Rico’s rabbit was quite indicative of how they are perceived as compliant in the House. On the other hand, the two alpha-male were expectedly wearing a gorilla suit (Tobi) and a tiger costume (Teddy A). In a funny twist, Miracle wore a horse costume during the rehearsals only to perform dressed as a tour guide.

Biggie’s instructions were clear for the musical show to be presented under half an hour. In her role as Head of House, Nina had the honor of presenting the theme of the play as bringing a message of unity and peace. In an Arena transformed into an African grassland, all animals entered in an organized fashion, each sticking to their part and always singing their lines. Lolu, Anto and Rico entered growling like all hell had broken loose. Cee-C followed purring into her fox suit. Then Alex skipped around in her bee costume, belting out a parody of Beyonce’s Girls at the top of her lungs with ‘Who runs the world?Bees. Bees.’

Housemates put all their hearts in the delivery of what has proven to be quite a musically challenging task. Judging by the confidence that some have discovered in their vocal cords, a few stars may well have been born tonight.

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Big Brother Nina

In a shocking twist, Big Brother told Head Of House Nina to fill in for him in yesterday’s diary session. This came as a surprise to Nina, but she did not fail to do a good job as a proxy Big Brother.

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Though she tried to keep a straight face, she couldn’t deny her love a bit of smile during his own session. Some housemates did not like the session but had to go along with it because of the repercussions.

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Posted on March 16, 2018

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