BB Naija Ex-Housemate Leo Reveals What His Mother Did That Made Him Audition For BB Naija 2018

Though he just recently lost his mother, ex BB Naija 2018 housemate Leo Dasilva gave credit to his mother for encouraging him to go for the reality show.

In an interview with the Punch’s Sunday Scoop before she diedLeo made it known the reason why his mother encouraged him.

He said, “I do not feel bad that I was evicted from the Big Brother Naija House. I went on the platform so that I could put my business out there and I think I was able to do that. I provide services for people and the more I’m known, the better for my business. That was the reason my mum made me go for the audition.

If I was able to win the grand prize, it would have been a big bonus but I am not disappointed; that’s how God wanted it to be. I was the only one in the house who didn’t unpack his luggage because I knew that I could live at any time. I just wanted to sell the real me; I made up my mind not to lose myself because of the money. At the end of it all, my mum was very happy and she said I made her proud.”

He further explained that he would miss Alex the most in the house stating that people had a misconception about their relationship.

“I would miss Alex most. She was devastated when I left the house and that made me very sad. Even after the competition, we are going to continue being friends. She is a very amazing person and I am not going to push her out of my life. Unless she doesn’t want to be my friend, then, I would have to let her go. I pray that she would win the competition.”

Leo also clarified his relationship status saying that he is single but hoping to start a relationship soon with a girl he did not disclose but definitely not Alex.

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“I am not in any relationship yet. Right now, I am friend with someone whom I really like and I am hoping that it can grow further very soon.”


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Posted on March 19, 2018

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