Boxed In, Cee C’s Two Way Fight, Anto’s Lost Love, And More Highlights Of Day 58 At The BB Naija 2018 House

Day 58at the BB Naija 2018 house had an interesting turn as Cee C broke her record and quarreled with three other housemates within the space of two hours.

Also, the housemates had to experience what it meant to be confined and mediate, but not all could stay true till the end.

These are interesting highlights of Day 58 at the BB Naija 2018 house.

Cee C’s Two Way Fight

Apparently, Nina ate from Cee-C’s plate and upon realizing this, she told Nina she could have the rest of it as she was clearly annoyed by the act and found it quite disrespectful. The whole thing went from conversation to disagreement to brawl real quick. While Nina clearly took it as a joke, Cee-C was utterly infuriated by it all and they started screaming at each other. Just as she had done with Alex, Cee-C insulted Nina, calling her stupid and useless amongst other things. Nina wasn’t as silent as she usually was though because, in her own unconventional way, she defended herself and threw in a few verbal punches in there too.

Khloe did try to mediate, arguing that there was no need for the two to address each other so disrespectfully but that too proved ineffective and the brawl turned into Khloe VS Cee-C. The surprising thing, however, is how Cee-C’s attitude changed when dealing with Khloe, it’s like she’d lowered a volume a little bit and swallowed the insults. This small detail may further emphasize the fact that the other Housemates find it easier to hover over Nina.

Boxed In

As if it wasn’t enough that the Ninjas took away all the seats and beds in the House, Biggie pulled yet another elephant from his magic hat and had boxes with the Housemates’ name boldly written on them delivered.

We’re pretty sure that they Housemates had a bit of an idea why the boxes were brought in but they certainly didn’t expect to be boxed for a good six hours and have a quarter of their Wager win dependant on their contained obedience. Biggie delivered a brief statement that they were to remain in their designated boxes and any type of movement that would result in the lifting of the boxes was strictly prohibited. The adventure boxes were meant to help the Housemates think outside the box (we know, the irony) and spark their creative currents. However, the Housemates seem to be very bad at interpreting instructions because Biggie clearly stated that they were allowed to move about, in the confines of their boxes of course but they didn’t necessarily need to dead silent.

True to the weeks ‘survivor’ theme, the boxes are very symbolic is stepping out of one’s comfort and embracing not so comfortable realities. The fact that the Housemates’ movements were limited their little cocoon boxes makes this Task that much more difficult; moreover, limiting the Housemates to a single meal option couldn’t have helped ease their anxiety and we wonder just how they’ll be feeling about noodles right after this.

The Disqualification

When Biggie’s voice thundered in the House after the hours-long silence, Alex, Rico and Cee-C lifted their boxes and walked to the lounge, revealing the little abodes they had built for themselves with snacks, bottles, pillows and blankets. All other Housemates had managed to move their boxes by clumsily crawling in the right direction. It made for a hilarious mini traffic jam, as one by one, Housemates bumped either into walls or into each other’s boxes.

Being closer to each other, though still under boxes, had conversations started. For all the most difficult part had been to hold on from a bathroom break as Anto and Khloe repeated. Yet it turned out that some Housemates had used other means to ease themselves from under their cages.  While Alex, Cee-C, and Rico had been disqualified, consequently losing the chance to compete for the Head of House title next week. The trio moved to the bedroom where they were grumbling about their fate.

Anto’s Lost Love

The biggest revelation of the Diary Room came when Anto had walked in and upon sitting on the Chair, buried her head in her hands and cried. Even Biggie was surprised so much so that he asked her how often she got the opportunity to be human, to which Anto replied not too often, adding that she felt she put herself under a lot of pressure. During her short time outside of the House, Anto confessed to having learned that Lolu had been sending messages to someone in his Diary Sessions. She told Biggie that if there were no rules, she would have slapped Lolu the minute she walked back into the House. She said she deserved honesty and felt she had been led on.

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Lolu had said that he sensed she wasn’t giving him attention and that he would have loved if she confronted him. Decided as he was to win her back, Lolu made a lengthy poetic plea to Anto who listened to all of it, yet didn’t flinch for a split second. What do you think will happen to Anto and Lolu?

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Posted on March 28, 2018

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