Here’s All That Went On Between BB Naija 2018 Housmates Teddy A And Khloe’s Fight

It was as if all hell broke loose as BB Naija housemates Teddy A and Khloe fought because of a piece of meat.

While the rest of the House was still reeling from all the good vibes left by the world cup challenge, and just going about clearing the dining table from the empty glasses and plates, Teddy A had walked to the kitchen and helped himself with a piece of meat from a pot of meat stew that Khloe had prepared earlier.

Watching from afar, Khloe didn’t hold back and blew up in his face that it was not the first time he picked from other people’s food with his bare hands. It made Khloe’s blood boil as she gave a deluge of insults to Teddy A. As expected, soon enough, Teddy A couldn’t fail to respond and he roared back an unimpressive amount of expletives to Khloe.

Despite very different physiques – Teddy A being buff while Khloe is on the thin range- these two almost came at each other’s throats after Khloe stated she was going to beat him, which deeply bruised Teddy A’s ego. Had it not been for Alex coming in between, with the intensity of their shouts, no one can say for sure that Teddy A and Khloe wouldn’t have brought the walls of the House down.

Thankfully Bambam managed to drag Teddy A away from the kitchen area, although he could still be heard hurling insults from the bedroom vowing to frustrate Khloe’s time in the House. Regardless of his self-assured air, he was deeply unnerved as Teddy A sought refuge in the garden where he was chain-smoking the tension away. We cannot count the number of times when food fights erupted in the House over Teddy A’s eating other Housemates’ meat or scorning others for eating his meat.

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Watch the clips below.

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Posted on March 29, 2018

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